The Art Alice Arts Trust (AAAT) was formed in 1997 by Lanre Olagoke and registered as a charity in 2001, with the aim of helping children, adolescents and young adults find an opportunity to realise their potential and find their place in society through the use of art.

My Runway Group is a Platform for Youth Development and Creative Growth founded by Kojo Marfo. Over the last six years, MRG has championed Youth Excellence through exhibitions, initiatives, programmes, creative productions and workshops with organisations such as the British Film Institute, Goldman Sachs, English National Opera and more.

"BLANKFACE is a spectacular thought-provoking piece displaying racial and political themes linked closely to youth culture and knife crime. The innovative theatre production from London uses movement and artistic language to illustrate the unspoken issues in society today. The story follows a group of black youths abducted by a white supreme scientist, who aims to control and brainwash the individuals by infecting black-on-black violence, in order to regain dominance within his race. This piece is the most important work I have ever produced because of the relevance to the times we live in." - Creative Director, Maxwell Chartey

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